Tracy Walsh Boobs Are Us - Worthless Oatmeal Boobies

South Bend, Indiana 1 comment
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I got a boobjob from "Tracy Walsh *** Are Us".They are horrible.

One popped already. Before it popped it was lopsided. It hung all the way down to my knee. That was the left one.

My right one is perky and stays right up there. I have no clue what these bags hanging from my chest are made of. Maybe oatmeal? I had to redeem all of my Quaker Oatmeal points to get these so called "perky ***".

They sent them in the mail and I had to take them to the "Tracy Walsh *** Are Us" factory where they were poorly installed.

I am pissed and can"t believe I spent $3,000.00 on oatmeal boobies.What a waste of money and oats.

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what the ***?

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